Manuscript consults, teaching & classroom visits

I have been teaching writing to storytellers of all stripes for more than ten years, in graduate and undergraduate programs, community workshops, writing conferences, continuing studies programs, and one-on-one mentoring.

Image shows a cracked grey highway road heading up a slope on a hot and dusty summer day, under a big sky with fat dusty white clouds. Two silver sedans are in the frame, one heading away and one toward.

I don’t believe in universal principles in storytelling: I’m not going say you must show don’t tell, or end every chapter on a cliffhanger, or get rid of your adverbs. Instead, my first step is to get to the bottom of what your project is about: what’s its hidden premise? What is it trying to say about human experience? What genre is it in conversation with?

And then we work to filter all your structural choices through this prism, to create a tightly woven story where every mote resonates with your centripetal idea. We’ll ask questions like: why is this the right character for this story, why is this the right sequence, why is this the right world—until we set your project aflame.

I work with novels, short stories, and narrative nonfiction.

Packages and rates:

  • Manuscript consults: $1850 + HST, which includes a full read of an 80,000 word manuscript, three hours of phone consultation, and a 5-10 page single-spaced feedback letter. The process will take one month from start to finish.
  • Private classes: is there is a specific craft topic you’d like to learn? My one-off classes start at $200 + HST for the first hour and $100 + HST for each subsequent hour, with a max of 3 attendees per session (if you’d like to band together with friends).

Or, something else? Get in touch if you’d like to work on a shorter or longer project, see some samples of my feedback, or hear what my past clients have to say.

Fees for clients outside of Canada are exempt from HST

Would you like me to speak to your book club, or are you an educator who’d like me to visit your class? For that I offer a sliding scale rate: email me!