• A beautiful debut exploring how time, love, and sacrifice are never what they seem to be.

    Kirkus Reviews
  • Lim comes into her own here, with prose that’s elegant and haunting, somehow managing to be both unsentimental and deeply moving at the same time. A devastating debut.

    The Toronto Star
  • ...there is no denying the author’s ability to create a vibrant world and predicaments for her characters...An Ocean of Minutes is a timely novel that brings a fresh perspective on the complex subjects of migration and displacement that plague our world today.

    The Irish Times
  • Lim’s enthralling novel succeeds on every level: as a love story, an imaginative thriller, and a dystopian narrative.

    Publisher's Weekly (starred review)
  • Lim’s steady prose and deft character development ensured that I was hooked on Polly’s story from beginning to end...full of fascinating social commentary on class differences, racism and sexism.

    The Los Angeles Times
  • Despite the grand scope of issues [Lim] takes on in the novel, she has also created that rare thing in modern fiction - a truly compelling love story, between two people you cannot help but be emotionally invested in.

    The Straits Times
  • Thea Lim's imaginative and timely writing feels wholly original...Switching between decades presents us with a truly heartbreaking narrative.

    South Wales Evening Post
  • An Ocean of Minutes has a premise to thrill...One of Lim’s greatest successes in her debut novel (her novella The Same Woman was published in 2007) is creating a future that is so completely imbued with bureaucratic nonsense that it as maddening as it is believable.

  • Lim dives seamlessly through questions of race, gender, immigration and corporate monopoly, to surface with poignant discoveries about love, sacrifice, loss and ephemerality...a visionary literary dystopia.

    Shelf Awareness
  • An intriguing and unique entry in the crowded dystopian landscape.

  • I can’t wait for more people to read this book, because I can’t stop thinking about it.

    Dana Lee, BookRiot
  • But the love story—more precisely, Toronto-based Lim’s exquisite examination of the soul-saving illusions of love—that unspools as Polly searches for Frank is more than strong enough to carry this absorbing debut.

    Maclean's Magazine
  • An Ocean of Minutes is a novel that largely defies classification...At its heart, the novel is an unusual investigation on the impact of being separated from the people you love. It is set in a past that could be our future.

    Winnipeg Free Press
  • Lim's debut could prove to be the must-read CanLit offering this summer.

    Chatelaine Magazine
  • AN OCEAN OF MINUTES is an astute novel. Using familiar speculative fiction tropes, Lim takes a love story and turns it around, ending up with a tale of self-possession and survival. It is a delightful, often sorrowful, thoughtful and accomplished arrival for this first-time author.

    Book Reporter
  • An Ocean of Minutes absolutely swept me away.

    Red Magazine
  • Lim’s dystopian tale is as much a sci-fi thriller as a love story—a literary novel that will satisfy even hardcore genre readers.

    Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog
  • Lim is an extraordinary storyteller, because this book is a true page-turner...I was intrigued by the time travel and dystopian elements in this novel, but this was way more than I expected."

  • There’s so much going on this book, including passages of wondrous prose and attempts to answer the question of where love goes when it’s over. What are we to do with memories?...I loved this book, and how it turns another time into another country, but doesn’t it always seem that way?

    Kerry Clare